Our first Demo E.P / "The Church of the Sublime Parade"

Mis à jour : mars 20

If you want to support the blitzkrieg panzer division "!GeRald! or if you have money or time to waste, why don't you try our Demo E.P ? We are not twits, we know that means less beer and mustard crisps for your greasy nose but hey, pal, you're making somthing good. We have bills to pay and we also need to buy beer to our broke arses. It's up to you. We love you anyway. Seriously. I want to hug you right now, i mean it. How was your day ?

First Demo E.P - "The Church of the Sublime Parade" by !GeRald! All tracks recorded mixed-mastered in spring 2018 by Mr. Patrice Lemoine 1.ERG.

2.Back to the Ocean.

3.The Attack of the Giant Falafel.


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